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Welcome to the APL Logistics Corporate Photo & Video Gallery.

This site was developed to provide you with easy access to approved photos, company visuals and video footage for APL Logistics. Images and video footage on this site are available free of charge.

Files can be searched by key words that are related to the image. For example, images and videos can be searched using specific words (e.g., Seattle or Reefer, etc.) or through broad categories (e.g., consolidation, warehouse, etc.).

Most images are available in both low and high resolutions formats. Videos are available in HD-PAL, HD-NTSC, SD-PAL and SD-NTSC. The resolution types are outlined below. Please review the format descriptions to ensure that you download the file type most appropriate for your project.

Low Resolution
Low resolution images are intended for screen display and are suitable for Web pages or other online usage. They can also be used in PowerPoint presentations or in Word documents. Because of their small file size, low resolution images are useful in documents that need to be circulated in emails during the writing, editing, or review phase of document preparation.

Low resolution images are not recommended for use in printed materials as they might not be clear or sharp enough when printed.

High resolution images are used in documents that are intended for print. Because of their resolution, the size of these files can be very high, making them difficult to email, especially when inserted in other documents. High resolution files are typically provided in EPS format, which will have to be viewed with graphic editing software.

HD - High definition, widescreen broadcast quality video
SD - Standard definition broadcast quality video

PAL - Broadcast television standard used in Europe, Africa, South America, Australia and much of Asia
NTSC - Broadcast television standard used in North America, Japan, South Korea and parts of South America

All images and video footage are owned by APL Logistics and should not be amended or altered in any way. All images and videos provided may be reproduced under the terms specified in our Copyright and Disclaimer statement and with appropriate acknowledgement of the source.

We hope that you will find this site useful in the development of new presentations, proposals, printed and broadcast material. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at global_marketing@apllogistics.com.




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